Our team prides itself on celebrating love and making memories that last a lifetime! We have truly immersed ourselves in every aspect of making dreams come true and planning destination weddings in some of the most beautiful, romantic regions of the world!

We have assisted hundreds of couples in planning and coordinating the most important day of their lives! Because our services are free, there is no reason to not take the leap of faith with TripGuy! We will help guide and support you all the way to the beach, whether it just be the two of you escaping from the craziness of a hometown juncture or with a large family group witnessing your exchange in the sand!

We specialize in making your day unique, designing everlasting moments, creating fond memories that you will always look back upon & smile about! Many of our team members have experienced first-hand how stressful a destination wedding can be having personally gone through the experience! Because we have been there, we can share our knowledge and use our resources to ensure you have a relaxing, fulfilling, stress-free destination wedding!

The most important decision you can make is choosing the right Destination Wedding Professional.

TripGuy Tip #1
Booking with TripGuy can and will save you and your guests HUNDREDS of dollars! TripGuy has developed relationships with numerous resorts and tour operators to obtain the best pricing available! Going directly to the resort and negotiating rates on your own is not as great as it may seem. Oftentimes, signing a contract for group rates will only end in heart break if the resort runs a sale or updates pricing, because you will be locked into the contract pricing with no adjustment capability.

TripGuy Tip #2
Book all your guests in one place! It will alleviate your stress and keep your wedding group organized! Nothing is worse than having 30 guests book in 15 different places. The resort or onsite wedding coordinator has no way of knowing if they are with your group and if something goes wrong, there will be nothing you can do to help! By using TripGuy, you and your guests will have a "one stop" shop to call in case issues with their travel arise or they want to make changes quickly and easily. We personalize EVERY trip for each guest! And, we send our guest list to the resort prior to your arrival to make them aware you are coming as a group with any special requests they may have.

TripGuy Tip #3
Relax and allow TripGuy do the work! From researching your perfect location to finding updated airfare information to being your stateside coordinator to arranging transfers to and from the airport, do not do it on your own! There are too many problems that can arise without proper support behind you! Our years of personal experience coupled with our relationship with onsite resort staff are invaluable when you have urgent questions or have special requests! Sometimes, resorts are slow to respond to brides or problems with hotels being oversold, forcing guests to change properties last minute are just a couple of examples of issues that may occur. But, no worries with TripGuy as we push the envelope and use our resources, think outside the box and get the answers you need, solve your problems and use our contacts to keep things stress-free and organized!

What is a Destination Wedding?
A destination wedding can be quickly defined as a wedding or symbolic ceremony that takes place away from where you live. Most destination weddings take place in the Caribbean, Mexico or Hawaii, but the sky is the limit! We are well-versed in many destinations and happy to assist in researching and organizing your wedding in any location you wish.

Why should I choose a Destination Wedding?
Destination weddings are more often an affordable option than a local wedding. Many couples are now paying for their own weddings so its definitely a great way to have a unique, beautiful celebration without breaking the bank.

How do I plan a Destination Wedding?
Planning a destination wedding is easy if you know where to get started. TripGuy will take you through a step by step process to narrow down the hundreds of options available to design the perfect wedding for you! The best way to plan is to contact us from the very beginning and we'll do research based on your wants and needs to create an unforgettable, stress-free experience!

What exactly does TripGuy do for us?
TripGuy will take you through a step by step process that is laid back, friendly and stress-free to assist you with choosing the right destination for you. We consider ourselves a "one stop" shop in wedding planning, acting as a Travel Concierge arranging guest travel and Stateside Wedding Coordinator assisting with all the details of your big day! This is just an example of the many services we provide to make your experience smooth and chaos-free:

  • Interview you and your fiance to get to know you both and learn about your wishes and dreams for the perfect wedding. We have a detailed questionnaire that we ask our couples to fill out to assist us in narrowing the field of hundreds of resorts out there.
  • We put together extremely detailed resort packages based on your answers on the questionnaire with pricing, deposit info, photos, insurance information, and much much more for you to review.
  • We provide you with each resort's wedding package options and the country's legal requirements for getting married so you can make the right decision for you!
  • We provide the latest sales and airfare specials to ensure you get the best pricing! We also offer a low deposit for you and your guests, a laid back payment plan to assist with the budget, and a full proof cancel-for-any reason insurance option!!
  • We put together a Guest Package that you can email to your guests with our contact info, current pricing and information on the resort you chose to celebrate your wedding or symbolic ceremony. It has an immense amount of information and an FAQ section to alleviate any stress they may have about traveling for a wedding.
  • We contact you via email every time a guest books and keep a detailed spreadsheet of you and your guest's personal wants and needs, special requests regarding their room and flight and arrange all aspects of their travel. It is nice to have your entire guest list in one place! We encourage all of our couples to book their entire wedding group with us, so we are fully aware of the entire group's needs.
  • We are in constant contact with the resort, provide updates on wedding options, share personal photos, etc. so that you have nothing to worry about!
  • We are available 7 days a week to you and your guests, outside of normal business hours so that they can book and ask questions any day of the week!


How long has TripGuy been doing Destination Weddings?
TripGuy has over a combined 81 years experience planning destination weddings for hundreds of couples nationwide!

How do I reach my Wedding Specialist?
Our Destination Wedding Specialists can be reached 24/7 via email or phone, whichever you wish!

What do you charge for your services?
This is the best part! TripGuy does not charge for our services, so why not test the tropical blue waters with us in your journey down the sandy aisle?

Do you have a preferred resort list?
We are capable of working with nearly ANY resort that you are interested in; however, we are always happy to recommend our favorites!

Please keep in mind:

Resorts and hot destinations fill up quickly. Booking your destination wedding sooner than later is always a great idea. If you have a special date that is important to you or if only certain weekends will work, finalizing the details early will alleviate your stress even more. It will also allow your guests more time to save and prepare! We can make ANYTHING happen! Your dreams can become reality with TripGuy wedding specialists behind you!