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Beth Sadoff

Vacation Engineer

888-990-8747 ext 127


Agent's Personal Note
I love to travel. I love to read about journeys and destinations. Most of all, I love to plan trips!

I have been a student, an attorney, and a mom, and I have traveled the whole time. Honestly, I have spent most of my adult life trying my best to get away - I’m always either on a vacation or planning one. I have traveled alone, with friends, with my husband, with my immediate family, and with extended family. I have backpacked in Europe (OK, that may have been some time ago); made my way through non-cruise Alaska; skied in Canada, Colorado, Utah and Andorra; relaxed in Caribbean all-inclusives; cruised the Caribbean and Europe; explored many cities in Europe and Canada; traveled through Israel; and I have vacationed in Disney World 14 times (so far).

Why Choose me to be your Travel Planner?

First off, I will listen to you. And then I will ask you to think about all of the things you may or may not have considered.

There are the parts you’ve probably already figured out: Who is going on the trip? When are you planning on traveling? Do you want to relax or explore or both? Any destination in particular?

And then there are the parts you may not have thought about: For your cruise, do you want a large ship or a small one? What are the benefits of each? For your ski vacation, what resorts are likely to have snow earlier and later in the season? Where are the best ski schools for your kids? What hotels really are ski in/out? For you trip to Disney World, which Disney hotels involve more walking for little legs? Where should you plan your meals?

I will work with you to determine your best options, then plan it all out for you so that you can just enjoy - that’s what a vacation is for! My goal is to match up your expectations with your experience.

And with the way the travel industry operates, my services cost you nothing. In fact, I can help save you money as I am always in the loop with specials to all kinds of destinations.

Give me a call, or drop me an email and we can talk travel.
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Beth Sadoff
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