My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon. We already have our flight booked to Jamaica for 10 days. We are thinking either Whitehouse or Negril but don't know which to choose. We are in our early 30's and like to have a good time. We prefer a social

1) The Negril area generally has more activity/nightlife, however, sometimes it takes place off resort at Ricks Cafe or Margaritaville....different nights, different places. Sandals Whitehouse offers no local alternatives, so I've found people generally more consistently active on property.......all in all, it really depends on the group of people there that week...I've been to both resorts when they were social...and both when they weren't. Generally, Whitehouse is more mellow in my opinion, and no travel agent who has been there would say otherwise. 2) Room category - depending on resort I have my favorites. The nice thing about Whitehouse is that even it's cheapest room is nice....can't say the same about Negril where the first 2 room categories are rather small rooms with no views. R&J suites at Negril are nice. 2 story loft suite is nice. River suites are amazing but cost a fortune. 3) Butler service is really cool but it depends more on you and your fiance than it does me....for some people, it turns a great vacation into an amazing one...and for others, they just want the nicer room and barely use the service. I've had butler service 4-5 times in the past year, and generally find it improves my vacation.... Glad to answer other questions and would love to assist you on your honeymoon planning.